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A Purrfectly Puzzling Mystery!

The Purr Factory is a theatrical rock musical for kids of all ages. See the musical at your theatre, buy the audiobook online and on CD, or wait in caticipation for the 2 sequels!

The Purr Factory is where all the kittens' purrs are made. Each kitten gets its very own purr once they graduate from Suzie Swishtail's Academy for Kittens! However, before this graduation ceremony, distaster strikes! All of the purrs are stolen from The Purr Factory!

Vincent B. Mouseander, CEO of The Purr Factory, is devastated 'What human would want a kitten without a purr?'

Somehow he has to get them back before graduation!

He calls in Norris Norton Nackered, the greatest cat detective in all the world to find the missing purrs.

What the experts say:

About the Creator and Author

Corinne Farber got the inspiration for The Purr Factory from her two beloved persian cats, one of whom had a purr that could move mountains. She called him her 'little purr factory' and one night began to wonder - what if there really was a 'purr factory'?

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